New Feature : Blog Notification

Many people asked us, “How can we know that you have published a post or article?”

We have recently added a new feature for you.

You can enable the notification feature using 5 easy steps.

The steps for enabling the feature are given below :

The Steps for Enabling Notification Feature

Step 1 : Click the Notification Icon on the Right-bottom.

Step 2 : Click the red color SUBSCRIBE button.

Step 3 : A pop-up will appear and you just have to click ALLOW.

Step 4 : Then, the browser will ask you to give the permission for notifications. Click Allow Notifications.

Step 5 : And, You are Done! You have subscribed to our blog. You will receive a confirmation notification.

Now you will receive all the Updates from DesignLab Blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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