Why are Social Media Platforms Important for Brand Awareness?

Social Medias are one of the most preferred platforms for marketing. It just makes sense. Because it’s a platform with tons of people and thus giving you the potential to be seen by more and more people.  However, not all brands can establish their brand and, be more likely to just another face in the … Read more

7 Most Common Yet Costly Google Ads Mistakes That You Need To Take Care Of

Your Google Ads is now ready to go live.  Hearty Congratulations!!  But wait, are you 100% sure that this Ads campaign will bring you huge targeted customers, Leads, and Sales. Being a human, we always want more from any of the paid digital marketing strategies. And so with this.  But before you want the best … Read more

Why Google Ads are important for your Brand?

When you search any term on Google Search Engine, you’ll find some small rectangular featured snippets, what’s that called and what’s the exact use of it? Those snippets are nothing but Google Ads (One of the easiest yet transparent ways to increase your sales).  Let me get deep into it.  Like other social media platforms, … Read more

What Others can’t tell You About Laws of Marketing?

“GOOD MARKETING makes the Company look smart, GREAT MARKETING makes the Company feel smart” At a fundamental level, Marketing is the process of understanding your customers, and building and maintaining relationships. WEALTH = MARKETING + GOOD STRATEGIES Fundamentals of Marketing : Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person at the right … Read more

What should be your Strategy to Sustain your Business Post Lockdown?

Everything was going quite regular in 2020. But in the month of March we Indians had suddenly faced our first lockdown on March 25, 2020. Now all of us got stuck inside our houses and residencies, leaving all our businesses. These phases of lockdown kept on extending making the scenario of small businesses or corporate … Read more