Responsive Web Design and Development can help in your SEO

Let us begin this blog with some quick facts. More than 60% of websites do not take advantage of responsive web design and development. This means two-thirds of website owners don’t have a well-designed website. That’s a pity!

Then where lies the problem?

Well, to be honest, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities and benefits. To start with a few, you can improve your SERP rankings by enhancing your SEO (search engine optimization) approach (search engine results pages). You must be at the top of the Google results page if you want to gain an advantage over your competition. To achieve this responsive web design and development, visit Design Labs.

Continue reading to learn about the top ten web design and development and SEO advantages of responsive web design and development.

Top 10 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design and Development

1.  Responsive Web Design is always multiple devices friendly

 If your website can be viewed on any screen size and resolution, search engines will have an easier time crawling and indexing your content.

When customers switch between tablets and laptops, responsive web design adapts to varied screen sizes. Your website should be able to adapt to diverse types of users.

If your website isn’t responsive, search engines like Google will have to crawl and index numerous versions of it to make sure it works on different devices. Get responsive web design and development today, visit Design Labs.

2.  Web Design and Development to Improve Website Speed

Internet users want web pages to load in no time, as stated by the technology magazine the Wire. You will face a problem if your website takes more than a few seconds to load.

When people are on the run, they don’t want to have to wait for a website to load.

Because there are so many websites that load immediately, users will go elsewhere if yours does not. People will feel annoyed with your website, and they will most likely not return after a bad online experience.

3.  Websites favoring Mobile Design are boosted up

Google has been using “mobile compatibility as a ranking indication” on SERPs since 2015. This move happened when it was revealed that mobile devices now account for over 60% of Google searches.

You can ensure that your website is fast for your users on any device by using a responsive web design. Google can give a faster loading time if your website does not include large files.

Over the next few years, mobile searches are likely to rise. To increase your SEO rating, you must change your website to be more responsive to mobile services.

4.  The Bounce rate is reduced significantly that boosts SEO

Have you ever lingered on a webpage for a few seconds before clicking away?

One of the most significant causes of a greater bounce rate is an unresponsive web design and development. Your bounce rate is the number of times users view one web page on your website before leaving your site. Google crawls websites to track bounce rates and improves your SEO ranking as a result.

You can ensure that your visitors stay on your website for longer by ensuring that it has a high-quality web design and development.

5.  Boosting your Backlinks

It’s not about the number of links to your site, but rather the quality of those links. Backlinks are a sign to Google that you’re offering high-quality content to your users. As a result, they improve your SERP ranking.

Link-building is an important part of any SEO plan. The higher the quality of backlinks to your website from reputable and authoritative sources, the better.

6.  The Responsive Website creates a better user experience

Another strategy to boost your SEO results is to enhance the user experience on your site. You must ensure that visitors can explore your website without difficulty. Users must be able to locate the web page or information for which they are searching.

You can enhance the amount of time your users spend on your website by improving the user experience. People don’t abandon websites that they like. For getting the best user experience, get your web design and development services done from Design Labs.

7.  Lots and lots of Social media shares

The goal of every website owner is to have their material go viral on social media. But how can your consumers post material on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter if they can’t view it on their phones? After all, mobile devices account for 80% of social media activity. You won’t be able to reap the SEO benefits if your website isn’t responsive.

  1. Control over Google’s Algorithm

Did you realize that Google controls over 85% of the search engine market? When it comes to SEO, Google’s word is final. As a result, when Google favors sites with responsive web design on search results pages, it becomes a must for all websites.

Two tips that you should implement

Organizing content

This also entails maintaining consistency in your business and local listings. Keep your company’s name, address, and phone numbers consistent across all platforms.

By making sure all of your web content is on a single domain, Google can crawl, index, and organize your content effectively.

Avoid similar content on the website

You must create the same material twice if you have different websites for consumers on different devices. That’ll do a lot of damage to your SEO!

PPC Ads are cost-effective

PPC ads and expensive digital marketing tactics can cost a lot of money. Having a single responsive website is a far more cost-effective way to improve your SEO rankings.

Design Labs provides you with such cost-effective responsive web design and development for SEO benefits.

You can’t focus your efforts on a single website if you have many domains. You can increase the responsiveness of your website by consolidating your connections into a single domain.

Final Thoughts on Responsive Web Design and Development for SEO

The responsive site design has a lot of SEO advantages. You just cannot afford to pass up the opportunity to improve your Google rankings. Design Labs provides you with the best responsive web design and development so that even you can enjoy these SEO benefits for your website and rank well in your niche. On top of that, this is one of the best cost-effective investments to make in the long run.

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