What should be your Branding Strategy Post Lockdown?

The pandemic lead to lockdown in almost every part of the world. I hope you are fine in this Pandemic and at a safe and secure place. Hope you are following all the basic guidelines for COVID-19. Following these guidelines are now mandatory for us to stay safe.

This lockdown and pandemic has changed the way of your living and working. It has interrupted in almost every aspect of life, this includes your business too. Almost everything after this lockdown has been changed. This includes your customers’ choice also, didn’t it?

So what about your branding strategy? Are you following the same traditional branding strategy? Don’t misunderstand it. I am not going to introduce some new strategies here rather I will tell you why and how some innovative strategies can put your business ahead after lockdown. Why you need to upgrade your Branding style? Rather than following the same traditional one.

You might hear about the 360 Degree Branding effort which tries to include the brand identity into a holistic approach so that the brand is in touch with and visible to the customers at all the times. When customers are not reaching you or you don’t direct contact between you and your customer. Believe me you are losing 50 customers every day.

But with the 360 Degree branding you can stay in touch with your customers. And what’s better than to stay active with your customers all the time if you are not connected with them directly. This readily helps to boost up your sales.

360 Degree Branding activities are marketing activities which take into consideration brand identity and take an inclusive approach so that the brand is presented at all points of consumer contact.

For an instant let’s take an example of the campaign which is active currently. Nestle had tied around Maggi crisis with the 360 Degree Branding approach in India.

Print media ads could have kept the consumer’s posted on progress, PR could have leveraged the transparency while online platforms could have reinforced the brand context through engaging campaigns using a carefully integrated approach for 360 Degree Branding is a must.

It helps Maggi to maintain its identity during the magi crisis. So it is basically a strategic planning and steps that clarifies your present position in your business and secures your future positions. Since it directly tries to approach your customer’s mind.

This is why you prefer changes in your branding strategy after lockdown. It is generally a combination of various elements like email, advertisement, PR, website, Social Media etc. Let’s get deep dive into it…


Advertisement is one of most used elements of 360 Degree Branding. It is a marketing communications that employs an openly sponsored to promote business, ideas, products or any services.

Communication through advertisements can set up on a wide platform that includes traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising or direct mail and new media such as search results, blogs, social media, websites or text messages.

So you can connect with your customers and can create a good impression on your current customers. It also attracts large new customers every day. That helps you to acquire potential customers easily.


Presenting your product in front of your buyers is always an art. There are different ways through which this presentation can be done. But nowadays for presenting your product, its values, objectives are possible only through online ways. This lockdown and pandemic has restricted your boundaries. But this online media is like a boon for you that helps you to connect to your customers directly irrespective of your boundaries.

Presentation through this online world is then surely a great way. It not only helps you engage your customer but also helps you to clearly define your product with some captivating slides. It helps to generate a curiosity among your customers regarding the product. It helps you to maintain a good business relationship with your customers.

Print Media

Whatever be the branding campaign strategy, print media always play a huge role particularly to create brand awareness.  It’s important to understand that building a corporate identity is not same as marketing products for selling. If you will be able to create a good corporate identity then, you can emotionally connect with your customers. Print Media Remains An Excellent Way To Build A Brand.

Thus print media in 360 Degree Branding strategy is always used to strengthen the customers.  Physical handling of printed material may help promote a deeper emotional engagement with its message and in the context of marketing may therefore help customers and prospects to remember and bond with a brand.

But it is worthy only when you use a proper approach. Depending on the type of business or your requirement you can choose any option. It can Corporate Profile Design, Brochures, Leaflet, Product Catalogue Design or any other physical design. But the important point while building a brand is to maintain your consistency. That is every piece of print marketing material must be consistent in the use of Logo, Colour, Fonts, Typography, Images and most important – The Message.

With an experienced professional you can easily maintain this consistency and can boost up your business.


Over the years presenting a stall in an event or trade show is always an easy method to have a wider approach and so it is widely used in 360 degree Branding. It can attract a huge audience including your prospect customers. But it should be well enough to stand out among all stalls. Professional Service Providers can help you with a proper approach to reach out your goals with the best suitable exhibition.

  • Exhibition can be a great way to introduce your brand to a new audience.
  • Help to increase trust with your brands.
  • Great way to launch new products with a wider approach.

However post lockdown exhibitions should be present by following basic COVID-19 guidelines. So that audience feels free to connect with your stall.

This is just a small glance of 360 Degree Branding. As it is the most innovative idea that covers everything about your branding to create the best business identity.

If you are looking for such a professional and expertise agency who can help you stand out from your competitors. After this lockdown just enhance your branding strategy with the best innovative solutions.

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Comment, what’s your first strategy for your business post lockdown?

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